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Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Alcohol Addiction Treatment Program

Alcohol addiction treatment offers you different tools and resources for a successful recovery.


Alcohol addiction is a serious condition that can result in dire consequences if it is left untreated.  Not only is alcohol addiction a dangerous disease, if can be a deadly condition if proper treatment and care is not taken to ensure the safety of the patient.  Addiction to alcohol devastates the individual who suffers from the addiction, their family members and friends as well as the community.

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Alcohol addiction may be due to a variety of factors including genetics, the upbringing of the individual, the social environment in which a person lives or the emotional health of the person.  In many cases, no single attribute is the cause of alcohol addiction and therefore, no single treatment for alcohol addiction is guaranteed to work.

There are various types of treatment for alcohol addiction but most tend to fall into one of two fields: pharmacotherapy or behavioral therapy.  Often times, treatment centers will combine pharmacotherapy which is the use of medications for alcohol addiction treatment with behavioral therapy which utilizes methods of changing behaviors to treat addiction.

Why is Alcohol Addiction Treatment Important?

Most people thing that their alcohol problem is really not a problem until they find themselves in some major trouble—DUI, arrest, financial hardship, overdose, withdrawal or a similar situation occurs.  Alcohol addiction treatment is important because for those who have tried to stop drinking on their own and have failed, there may not be another chance.  Alcohol addiction treatment provides a safe place for the recovering addict to stop drinking, get help and rebuild their life.

During alcohol addiction treatment, the patient will undergo a series of steps that helps to ensure their best possible chance of fully recovering from their addiction.  From setting goals and making change to effectively getting sober in a safe environment, alcohol addiction treatment centers provide the patient with the help, hope and support they need to overcome addiction.  Without alcohol addiction treatment, the chances of a person overcoming addiction and not relapsing are very slim.

Will I Need Detox?

Alcohol detox can be a dangerous first step to alcohol addiction treatment but it’s also a vital first step.  Not all patients who are addicted to alcohol will have a dangerous detox.  For some, alcohol detox feels more like being hungover but for those who have suffered from addiction to alcohol for a prolonged period of time, alcohol detox can be dangerous and even deadly.

Depending on the level of alcohol abuse, the length of time that the individual has been addicted to alcohol and various other factors, an individual may need to seek help at an inpatient alcohol detox center prior to receiving treatment for the psychological aspects of their addiction to alcohol.  During alcohol detox, the patient will overcome physical dependence on alcohol and prepare physically and emotionally for the psychological treatment that is to come.